How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Bids

In these tough economic times winning new contract work is vital.  A company is no longer awarded a bid solely based on reputation or price.  Bids are being awarded to companies based on an “aggregate” or “composite” evaluation that includes numerous details about safety programs, illness and injury rates, employee safety training, and supplying proof that claimed efforts have been done.  Often the rationale for choosing one vendor over another can hinge on the safety program and documented safety efforts a company takes.  The rationale for this approach is driven by insurance requirements and liability exposure that the General Contractor (“G/C”) and property owner have.  For example, if a subcontractor’s worker is injured or killed on the job, the G/C can face fines, penalties, and criminal charges.  In some instances, insurance coverage may not apply and the G/C is forced to defend itself or pay a substantial claim with its own resources.


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