Why Choose URS?  Because we make Cybersecurity easy and affordable!

Cyber criminals will attack at any hour of any day.  They never rest. They will tirelessly probe your defenses for any signs of weakness – including your employees.  As a result, you need a layered defense that protects your assets around the clock.  However, many businesses feel that building a Cybersecurity practice is too hard, too expensive and too confusing.

That’s why URS has developed its 5 Step Cybersecurity Solution© – to make Cybersecurity easy and affordable!

Our easy to implement solution provides you with all the tools and services you need to mount a formidable, layered defense against the most common attacks your business and employees will face. Best of all, we have a solution for every budget!

To meet your business and budget needs, our tools and services can be bundled into a low cost monthly subscription or purchased à la carte.  Don’t have an IT or Cybersecurity staff?  No problem.  Our solutions can be monitored and maintained by URS.  Or, you can do it all in-house.  It’s up to you!

Our Services include:

  • Online Security Policy Wizard
  • Online or On Site Cybersecurity Training
  • Online Cyber Risk “Self Assessments”
  • End Point Protection
  • Network Protection
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • Cyber Insurance Policy Review
  • Breach Coach
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Penetration Tests
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Log and Event Monitoring