5 Step Cybersecurity Solution©

The bad guys want what you have.  And they’re coming for it!

That’s where we come in! Our 5 Step Cybersecurity Solution© was designed with your needs in mind!

Highlights of our solution are:

  • Helps you navigate the Cybersecurity maze.
  • Budget friendly! Available as a low cost monthly subscription.
  • Something for everyone! Subscription levels designed with small business in mind.
    Robust enough to scale to large enterprises.
  • Does not require full-time IT staff.
  • Qualifies you for discounted and customized Cyber Insurance Policies!
  • Gives you a peace of mind.

So how does it work?  What does the subscription give you?

Depending on your subscription level, your Step Cybersecurity Solution© may include:

  • An “Always On” Unified Security Management system that safeguards your network, systems, users, and data
  • Security Policies and Plans created via an easy to use Online Wizard
  • Customizable Online Training
  • Automated Hardware and Software Inventory Tool
  • Automated Vulnerability Assessments
  • Customized, Discounted Cyber Insurance Policy
  • A Breach Coach for when the bad guys get in
  • Much more

To take a deeper look into our five steps click here.

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